We see anything that interrupts growth and progress in our community as a disease. Anything that promotes development in our communities is the vaccine.

  • We believe that empowering young girls and women will accelerate community development. Women are the missing link.

  • We believe in strategic inclusive community partnerships. People build initiatives that make a difference in their communities. One is all, and all is one.

  • At Vaccine Network, we believe any action taken to prevent DISEASES such as poverty, illiteracy, HIV etc. is VACCINATION!

  • Vaccination = Prevention = Protection



    We engage in series of strategic activities that are tailored to influence decision-makers to improve health outcomes in Nigeria.


    We work with various government agencies, passionate individuals as well as local and international development organizations to increase awareness and maximize social impact on projects in Health and Immunization, Education, Girl Child and Women Empowerment.


    We have an all-inclusive approach of building, sharing and rethinking creative strategies to empower girls, women, youth and other members of our communities in rural areas and urban slums. Our aim is to raise an army of influencers who are bold enough to transform and constantly develop their communities.


    We mobilize community members and volunteers to improve positive outcomes in the areas of health and immunizations, education and women empowerment in their communities.