Millions of people die from preventable diseases each year. Vaccine Network trains villagers to become health experts able to guide their communities to better overall health. We focus on three different areas- Community Health, through routine Immunization, good nutrition and clean environment
Vaccine Network has realized that children especially those from poor homes like the settlements we support die from preventable diseases. These are illnesses that would have been averted by the use of vaccines, practice of simple healthy lifestyles like hand-washing, provision of healthy foods, good source of drinking water, use of mosquito net and insecticides and the community as a whole ensuring a clean environment by having good water drainage and clearing of bushes.

The accomplishment of a better community health relies on the transfer of information, we at Vaccine Network imbibe the use of one-to-many communication and one-to-one communication especially with the women to educate and were necessary use practical methods to pass various health information through the use of health professionals, important stake holders and village influencers to the general public and members of the settlements.

Looking at the health of our communities, everybody has a role to play. This focus on healthy communities has been an ongoing process for Vaccine Network. It does not happen overnight, that’s because it can take years to build trust and partnerships with those in the communities who are needed on our side to make this a success. But it is worth the time and effort? Yes, we have made a positive impact with the villagers accepting immunizations, but we realize there is much more work to do because we are yet to make a major impact on the root causes. But we get closer every day!

Success is measured by seeing health status improvement outside of our hospital in the public arena. We then work on creating strategies and partnerships to address the root causes to make change a reality for the children and the nation as a whole.