How to Protect Your Child From COVID-19 While in School (Risk Communication and School Engagement)

Schools in Nigeria have officially resumed. However, many parents are anxious about the safety of their children in school due to the pandemic. These are simple ways to protect your children.

Practice Hand washing With Them At Every Interval Of The Day

The hand is one of the most common means through which Covid-19 spreads from person to person. Hand hygiene remains effective in preventing the spread of COVID 19. It is a known fact that you become used to a thing by doing it often. To make your kids get used to hand washing, practice hand washing with them at intervals. This should not be just after eating or using the toilet. They will surely get used to handwashing in no time.

Buy As Many Masks As Possible

This might just scream money! A cheaper alternative to the disposable masks would be to buy reusable cloth masks. Your child is going to be in school for five days out of the seven in a week. It makes sense to buy as many as you can afford. Make sure to wash and sun dry them after each use. Never let your child repeat an unwashed mask! As VNDC’s contribution to promoting child safety during this pandemic, we are donating masks to LEA primary school children in our communities. We hope that this would help those who cannot afford it.

Teach Your Kids The Importance Of Keeping Their Mask On

It’s one thing to put a mask on your children before they leave for school, it’s another to get them to keep it on while in school. Constantly teaching your children the importance of keeping their masks on can help them remember. Unlike most adults, kids are very innocent. They will not like to disobey their parents

Have Your Kids Take a Shower When They Get Home

Even if your kids have been wearing their mask all day, it’s possible that droplets might have come in contact with other exposed parts of their body and even their clothes. When your kids are home, they aren’t wearing a mask. When they get home, simply get your kids to shower first with soap and water immediately.

Buy Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer if you can afford it

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